Exciting Improvements with SBF!

I couldn’t be more grateful for SBF! It has become my go-to for a cleaner and healthier diet.

I drink a generous portion in the morning, and it gives me so much energy that I find it is the first thing my body reaches for each morning to jump start my day!

I was just on a month-long vacation in Asia, so I packed daily servings of SBF to take with me. It kept my energy and digestion in excellent condition during my travels.

Here are some changed I’ve noticed in the last 10 months of taking SBF:

1. Skin appears more youthful, less breakouts, bruises and cuts heal quickly, dry heels softened, nail bed turned from yellow to a healthy pink, and nails grow faster and stronger. Hair has also grown in fast, thicker, and shinier.

2. Body shows a tighter figure, muscles appear more toned when combined with exercise, “muffin top” has disappeared, and improved digestion.

3. Less cravings for junk food, more consistency in making healthier choices, less guilt for the occasional treat or cheat meal, increased energy, less stress, and an overall improved sense of well-being.

I’m so happy that a product like this exists to nourish my body every single day. I even got my parents to start taking SBF, and they love it too!

– Debbie S.