New Universe Food is located in beautiful Live Oak, Florida and is certified organic by QCS.

We are FDA-registered and voluntarily follow the Current Good Manufacturing Protocols.

Committed to the Earth

We are committed to sustainable agriculture and organic farming practices by:

  • Producing our own compost
  • Keeping our soil ecosystem healthy and resilient
  • Harvesting rainwater
  • Employing natural pest management strategies
  • Planting cover crops to nourish the soil
  • Rotating our crops and resting the land every 3rd season
  • Continuously planting fruit and nut trees (more than 32,000 have been planted to date!)
  • Using the latest water measuring probe technology to make sure every drop of water is used responsibly

Every product we make reflects our commitment to using the cleanest, purest ingredients possible - often from our own backyard or local community!

We live and work close to the land, seeing directly the importance of nurturing our natural environment and its many gifts. We are honored to work hand-in-hand with a certified organic farm in Live Oak, Florida.

Everyone who works at New Universe Food moved from big cities to be part of our healthy farm life in Live Oak, Florida. We believe our health is directly tied to the health of the Earth, and our farming practices reflect this philosophy.


When we can't grow something here, we go to first our local community - sourcing our honey and other fresh produce directly from nearby growers. We hope you taste and feel the difference in our truly farm-fresh products!