New Universe Food is an FDA-registered food & supplement company, located directly on the organic farm that provides many of our raw ingredients. This proximity gives us the unique ability to monitor every step of the process, from seed (organic & non-GMO, of course!) to shipping.


Many supplement brands contract independent manufacturers, but here, we are the manufacturer. We created our original products because we couldn't find anything like them on the market. so we manufacture with the same care as if cooking for loved ones. In turn, we in turn follow the cGMP protocols and use third-party testing to ensure the purity of our ingredients and final products.


Your health is our number one priority. Learn more about our quality control standards below:

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Testing & Quality Standards

We rely on third-party laboratories to verify the purity and safety of everything we source and produce.

Quality sourcing, rigorous manufacturing practices, and regular testing means that our products are verified to be free of pathogens, yeasts, and molds even without the use of irradiation.


As of now, the FDA does not have regulatory standards set for the presence of heavy metals in spices. We look to the European Union guidelines as a reference and far exceed their safety standards.