Our Story

We Believe Healthy People Are Happy People Who Do Amazing Things

Building a Community that Believes in the Power of Health

At New Universe Foods, we are a community, essentially an extended family that has shared values, a passion for helping others, and a commitment to making our health thrive so we can live our best lives. Every individual who works here started as a customer who believed in the power of Self Balancing Food to transform their health. We eat Self Balancing Food to get what we want – an amazing quality of life, exceptional energy, and a strong body that protects and heals itself against stress and illness. And we want to share that gift with you!

While many people start a health journey for aesthetic or beauty reasons, those that make lasting change realize it starts deep within their body, in the organs and systems. That is the knowledge our team wants to share with the world to heal and nourish people back to amazing health… and beauty will quickly follow.

What is Self Balancing Food and why is it so powerful? Self Balancing Food is a series of plant-based powders carefully curated from natural, non-GMO, organic superfoods – vegetables, fruits, sprouted grains and beans – designed to feed your body all the proper nutrients it needs for vital organ function, balance, energy, and healing. It’s true health and beauty from the inside out.

Our Mission

The New Universe Foods’ team is passionate and dedicated to helping people be healthier, happier, and live their best life. It’s our core mission. We achieve that by creating the highest quality plant-based foods, sustainably farmed, 100% natural, certified organic with nothing artificial added. We want to respect and nurture our resources while bringing vitality and longevity to the lives of our friends, families, and customers. We put the well-being of people first. Always.

It Started with a Journey to Find a Better Way

Erik Sung, Founder of New Universe Foods, learned the hard way what his health was worth to him. After spending years working in the pressure-filled world of high tech and venture capital, he WORE HIS HEALTH OUT. His physical health had become extremely poor along with his mental and spiritual well-being.

This realization was profound for Erik and led him on a journey. It started with a question, “HOW can I get healthy?” He walked away from his high stress life and began researching, working with a small group of scientists who believed in the healing power of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Erik moved from Chicago to a farm in Florida and used his learnings to begin creating real food to transform his health. That was the birth of Self Balancing Food.

Erik along with his collaborating scientists, family and friends have seen transformative health benefits from eating Self Balancing Food. Amazing skin, healthy weight, superior digestion, reduced risk of disease, cancer and illness, loss of craving bad foods, and the list could go on for miles. Now, they want to share the possibility of achieving amazing health with the world.