We Believe Healthy People Are Happy People Who Do Amazing Things

We make products that are undeniably safe – so that you and your families can trust you’re getting the best-quality nutritional products on the market. 

At New Universe Foods, we are guided by a commitment to creating the best, cleanest foods in the world, to power your best life. We believe that the human body is an incredible healing machine, and under the proper conditions, it will thrive. All of our products are made with that intention in mind.

We began in 2014 on a quest to create a convenient, nutrient-rich drink mix that would nourish and balance the body naturally: Self Balancing Food. SBF became our foundation but that was just the beginning.

In, 2015, we relocated to the site of an organic farm in northern Florida, giving us direct access to a broad range of produce, straight from (what we think of as) "our backyard." We work closely with our farming partner and receive produce on the day of harvest - meaning that all the ingredients in our ground spices, teas, jams, and mixes are hand-selected and truly as fresh as it gets. No shipping or long-term storage, and no middle-men.



We take great pride and great care in every step of production, most of which is done by hand by our skilled team. We too are consumers of these products so we make them with the mind that we are preparing food for loved ones. Consider yourself part of the family - and welcome! :)

Our Mission

The New Universe Foods’ team is passionate and dedicated to helping people become healthier, happier, and live their best life. It’s our core mission. By respecting and nurturing our resources, we seek to bring vitality and longevity to the lives of our friends, families, and customers. We put the well-being of people first. Always.

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