Black Turmeric: Our Beyond Clean Promise

Sustainably Grown, Preserving Nature's Treasure for Generations to Come.  

Nestled on a 500-acre USDA certified farm in the heart of northern Florida, New Universe Food is committed to sustainability and preserving nature’s bounty and beauty for generations to come. Our Black Turmeric is grown a stone’s throw away from our facility (well, maybe a few throws away!), and here we’ll take you on a journey through our local farming and processing practices that bring the cleanest, freshest Black Turmeric from the field to your doorstep.

First, what is Black Turmeric?

Black Turmeric, curcuma caesia, is a rare and fascinating herbaceous plant that belongs to the ginger family. As its name suggests, it stands out from its more common yellow-orange relative, regular turmeric (curcuma longa), due to its striking deep blue to blackish color. Native to the northeast regions of India, Black Turmeric has been cherished for centuries for its unique appearance, distinct flavor, and many traditional uses. We are passionate in our mission to share this wonderful plant for the world to enjoy, with utmost commitment to sustainability and purity.

A Perfect Climate for Black Turmeric

Northern Florida's climate provides the ideal environment for cultivating Black Turmeric. The region's humid, warm weather and sandy soil create the perfect conditions for this hearty plant to thrive. By working in harmony with nature, the Black Turmeric plants flourish without the need for chemicals or artificial interventions.

Sustainable Farming Methods

We believe in coexisting with nature, not disrupting it. Our cultivation techniques involve minimal intervention, allowing the Black Turmeric to grow naturally, much like it has for centuries. No chemical pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers are used in our fields, ensuring that our products are free of harmful residues. Regenerative farming practices such as rotating crops and amending the soil with compost and natural fertilizer builds the fertility of the land, promotes biodiversity, and fosters a harmonious ecosystem for generations to come.

Harvesting On Demand

Black Turmeric is a perennial herb, and remains alive (though dormant) underground throughout the winter months. This grants us the flexibility to harvest just as much as we need, when we need it, based on demand. Harvesting only what we need means no wasted crop and only fresh product leaving our facility. Unlike the conventional model of spices being shipped from overseas and housed for months in a warehouse and store shelf, our product is made and shipped to you within the same harvest season, often within weeks of harvest.

Proximity Matters. Freshness Guaranteed.

One of the unique aspects of our product is the proximity of our manufacturing facility to the fields themselves. We are adjacent to the farm, so within minutes of harvest, the Black Turmeric arrives at our facility and undergoes cleaning and processing, ensuring the maximum retention of flavor and nutritional properties, and allowing you to experience the full essence of this unique spice.

Small Batch Hand-Crafted

Sorting, cleaning, drying, and milling are all done carefully in small batches by a dedicated team. As we are also our own customers, we prioritize quality over quantity, giving every batch due attention and care, with the mindset of preparing food for our (global) family.

Third-Party Lab Tested

We take great pride in the traceability, purity, and safety of our products. Quality sourcing, rigorous manufacturing practices, and regular testing means that our products are verified to be free of pathogens and mycotoxins even without the use of irradiation.

It is our honor to bring this pure, authentic, responsibly-grown Black Turmeric from our Florida backyard to you. We hope you taste the difference that truly farm-fresh makes and enjoy being a part of the rich heritage of this extraordinary spice.

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