New Universe Food Company Habits for Happy, Healthy People

In our fast-paced world, it's increasingly important to prioritize our holistic well-being and consciously cultivate positive habits that contribute to a happy and healthy lifestyle. At New Universe Food, we believe that our individual well-being is crucial in building a healthy, thriving workplace, and embrace practices that support both our bodies and minds. We’d like to share some of the positive habits we practice here and how they have made a difference for us: in hopes they may also inspire you!

Starting the Day with Positive Words

Hands together, happy coworkers

One of the simple yet powerful practices we encourage is starting each day with positivity. By saying "I am happy" five times every morning, we set the tone for a positive mindset throughout the day. This practice not only boosts our own happiness but also spreads positivity to those around us.

When we first started, some found it a little bit awkward, but before long, the meaning of these words came into our hearts, and we came to “remember” that we can choose to create joy, meaning, and satisfaction in our work and daily life - and that in this way, we can genuinely feel and say yes, I am happy.

Dance Breaks for Mental Health

Did you know that social dancing can have a significant impact on mental health? Dance psychologist Peter Lovatt, Ph. D. found that dancing boosts our “happy hormones,” reduces stress and inflammatory markers in the body, and supports cooperative behavior in a group. Moreover, research in the Journal of Aging and Physical Activity suggested that daily social dancing can improve cognitive function, problem-solving abilities, and reduce the risk of dementia by 40%.

At New Universe Food, we take 15 minutes every day to come together and dance to fun and upbeat songs. Not only does it lift our spirits (we get pretty silly with it!) but it also contributes to our overall well-being and, in turn, the success of our team.

person journaling on the grass

Reflective and Gratitude Journaling

Taking the time to reflect on ourselves and express gratitude is another habit we embrace. Reflective journaling allows us to gain insights into our current state, identify obstacles, and set goals for personal growth. When we understand our own thoughts and emotions, it breeds empathy for others, allowing us to communicate and better understand one another. Gratitude journaling helps us appreciate the positive aspects of our lives, the efforts of those around us, and fosters a sense of contentment and fulfillment in what we’re doing day-to-day.

Regular journaling has been an absolute game-changer for many of us at NUF!

Green smoothie with "joy" written on glass

Eating Self-Balancing Food

As a company that produces Self Balancing Food, we truly believe in the power of maintaining a healthy body. Our product is designed to provide essential nutrients that support the body's remarkable innate healing capacity. 

Recently, one of our team members received excellent results in their annual blood work, with remarkable triglycerides and cholesterol levels. This reinforces our belief in the positive impact of self-balancing food on our health.

At New Universe Food, we are grateful for the positive practices we have implemented that contribute to a happy and healthy environment - and which, we believe, also come through in the products we create. Starting the day with positivity, social dance breaks, daily journaling, and consuming SBF are just a few ways to enhance your well-being everyday. We encourage everyone to incorporate these practices into your life and experience the transformative power of positivity for yourself!

And remember that even small changes can make a big difference over time. Let's cultivate positive habits one-by-one and create a brighter future for ourselves and our communities, together. <3