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Why Black Turmeric is Unique

Black Turmeric, or Kali Haldi - the rarest varietal of turmeric - has been known and cherished in India for centuries, and is only now starting to gain rightful recognition worldwide. The fresh rhizome is vivid blue in color and highly aromatic, due to the presence of unique essential oils.


Black turmeric is no ordinary spice. It is packed with potent bioactive compounds and has long been prized as a powerful and versatile superfood. Recent studies have pointed to the remarkable health benefits of this incredible plant.

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How We Process Our Black Turmeric

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We take great care in creating the cleanest, purest sustainable Black Turmeric powder available. This means rigorous quality standards from field to factory - and all the way to you. 


We take great pride and care in every step of our process. It starts with fresh turmeric that is grown on a single certified organic farm in Florida and processed immediately from harvest, retaining the spice's unique properties and robust flavor. It is shipped directly to you, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Our Black Turmeric Story

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