What Your Body Needs

We Are What We Eat

What we put in our bodies has a significant impact on our physical health, our mental health, and even on the level of happiness we achieve in our lives. Do you want a healthier and happier life? It starts with what’s happening on the inside. The adage is true, we really are what we eat from our health to our happiness.

When we think about our bodies, there are a million different thoughts that go through one’s mind… beauty, health, wellness, body image, weight loss, energy, sleep, aches and pains, immune system, stress, chronic health conditions, and the list goes on.

While health and beauty are a personal journey, one thing is consistent, everyone can heal their body from the inside out. If our body, specifically the organs, does not get the proper nutrition it needs, we cannot achieve the health, wellness, or beauty we desire. Our mission at New Universe Foods is to help every dedicated person achieve total health. That is why we developed Self Balancing Food.

Why Choose Self Balancing Food?

Natural & Organic Ingredients
NO Fillers or Chemicals
NO Artificial Flavoring or Sweeteners
Easy to Use
Complete Nutrition
Reduces Food Cravings
Convenient for Busy Lives
Plant-Based Diet
Vegan & Vegetarian
Improves Organ Function
Fits Into Any Daily Meal Plan

Ready to start on the path to a healthier you?


We put a painstaking amount of effort into the research, selection, and creation of Self Balancing Food products. Why you ask? Because we believe great health and happiness are achievable when creating balance in our body. It takes an intentional consumption of the right foods to get the 13 essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber, protein, and carbohydrates in our daily nutrition that our organs need for proper function.

Why is it so important? Optimal health depends on:

  • Promoting proper circulation
  • Fighting against disease, cancer, and vision loss
  • Restoring poor health
  • Improving heart health
  • Reducing and regulating blood pressure and body temperature
  • Removing harmful toxins from the body
  • Reducing inflammation


Did you know that roughly 1.5 million people have heart attacks and strokes in the U.S. each year.

Self Balancing Food was designed to heal your body and get your organs functioning at peak performance, so you achieve optimal health. What does that mean for you? Ultimately, living your best life. It could be regaining lost energy, stopping food cravings, feeling better, healthier, and stronger, better skin, better sleep, better function, weight loss and weight management, reducing aches and pains, improving chronic health issues, and more. You can achieve all this when consistently incorporating Self Balancing Food into your daily nutrition.

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