Weight loss Testimonial

For many years, my weight has fluctuated up and down. If I exercise and follow a dieting regime, I would lose some weight and feel a little better. However, as soon as I get busy at work my entire exercising routine and good eating habit would disappear. It was disappointing because I could not manage to keep my weight at a certain level satisfactory to me. I am very mindful of my family history of diabetes and other high diseases. In fact, my doctor has recently diagnosed me with high cholesterol. He strongly recommended that I lose some weight to avoid a potential heart attack. I am 5 ‘9 tall and weigh approximately 220 pounds at the time.

I went to a gathering at my alma mater, and this familiar face approached me, with warm smiles, but I cannot recall who he was. I was shocked when I realized  it was a old friend who used to obese. He told me about the benefits of eating Self Balancing food to me. I admire how handsome he look, very slim and in great shape. In about six weeks, I lost more than 30 pounds returning to the weight that I have when I was 25. I can work now for four and six hours straight without the need to take a break. My stomach feels empty but all my organs are well nourished so I am always full of energy.  Self Balancing Food has been a blessing to me. My doctor could not believe it, but my cholesterol is at normal level now. I am at peace with myself because I don’t have to worry anymore about potential heart diseases. In addition, I never have to worry again about gaining weight. My friends and colleagues at work tell me that I look ten years younger. My boss is impressed as well since my production at work has increased too since I am extra energetic.  Many of them are eating Self Balancing Food now and are amazingly pleased with the results. Anyone who is serious about living a healthy life should truly try SBF.

Roberto Paradis, CPA age 46, Jackson Heights, NY