Top Five Benefits of Self Balancing Food

I have been eating SBF for a few months. Here, I am sharing with you the top five benefits of Self Balancing Food.

More energy. Weight loss. Glowing Skin. Effective Detox/Improved Digestion. Saved Time and Money.


After a couple of weeks on SBF, the immediate effects I noticed was how much more energy I had. I work pretty long hours and usually got groggy and sluggish easily. But after drinking SBF, I have become a lot more energized. When I get tired, I even take another glass of just SBF veggie as it rejuvenates me.


(This part of the review is not for the weak of stomach)

After taking SBF for just a week, I noticed the change in my bowel movement. I was literally going to the bathroom, number 2, 3 times a day. It was as if all of the toxins lining my colons were being purged out. After a few weeks of this though, I went down to a healthy twice a day.


I took SBF mostly twice a day, once for breakfast and once for dinner. Some days I even took it three times a day since it made me feel so light. The amazing thing about SBF is that even though each serving (serving that includes 30 grams of SBF grain and 15 grams SBF veggie) comes out to only 304 calories, I was completely satisfied and didn’t crave for more food. After 3 months on the SBF, I lost 10 pounds, going from 126 to 116 pounds, which is the lightest I have been since college.


3 months on Self Balancing Food (SBF), I noticed how much my skin had cleared up. I had always had little red bumps on my cheeks and I could never get rid of them. I was so sensitive to lotions and makeup that I could not use anything cheaper than the expensive Shiseido line, easily spending $200 per trip to the store. I could not even use cover up or BB Cream since my skin would react and flare up with more blemishes, bumps, and even pimples. But those problems have all disappeared. In fact, my skin has become blemish free, looks dewy and hydrated while feeling soft and silky. This is true not only for my face, but my entire body. My elbows that were always ashy and white are now moisturized and I don’t even have to put on lotion. My heels would always crack and every night I had to rub on a special peppermint balm for cracked heels, but now I don’t even have to bother with that.


With a busy schedule, I don’t really have the time or energy to cook. But since I had to eat, I had to shop and cook. Also, because I wanted to eat healthy, I would spend hours going to the grocery store, buying at least 20 different ingredients, washing, prepping, cooking, eating, and cleaning up after. I also agonized over what I should cook, spending hours poring over different recipes online. I would even spend lots of money trying to buy organic ingredients. Sometimes I didn’t have time to use up all of those different ingredients, so I would end up chucking out the rotten spinach and zucchini while feeling guilty for wasting food. But with SBF, I don’t have worry about any of that and can still take in 20 different healthy grains, beans, and vegetables every single day! If you do the calculations, one SBF meal comes to $1.67, which is a way cheaper alternative. It’s cheaper than fast food and much healthier too.

I would just like to say a huge THANK YOU SBF for all of these amazing changes in my body and lifestyle.

by Sue L.