Sustainable Agriculture and Organic Farming

Sustainable Agriculture. Certified Organic Farm. For the Love of People.

Growing Healthy Food To Help People Thrive While Protecting Our Earth

Our water, crops and land resources are gifts, and the New Universe Foods’ team takes great care to nurture them. We use sustainable agricultural practices to keep our land and crops flourishing. And, we are honored and work hard to be a certified organic farm. See our story>>>

Everyone who works at New Universe Food moved from big cities to be part of our healthy farm in Live Oak, Florida. From the first day, we were committed to helping people get healthy. We believe our health is directly tied to the Earth’s health and our farming practices reflect this philosophy.

It’s vital to us that we give back to the Earth that nourishes us. We are committed to sustainable agriculture and organic farming practices by:

  • Producing our own compost
  • Focusing on keeping our soil healthy and being carbon negative, replenishing the carbon back into the soil after each harvest
  • Collecting our rainwater and use it to grow seedlings
  • Employing natural pest management, using 100% FOOD GRADE DIATOMACEOUS EARTH
  • Planting cover crops to protect and improve the soil
  • Rotating our crops and resting the land every 3rd season
  • Continuously planting fruit and nut trees, more than 32,000 have been planted to date for sustainability
  • Using the latest water measuring probe technology to make sure every drop of water counts

We use our natural surroundings to promote health and vitality, for our love and respect of people. We are devoted to the land, sustainable farming practices and remaining a certified organic farm.