Self Balancing Food is a Staple!

SBF is a staple in my life!!! It’s my miracle drink!!

It is extremely convenient, especially when you are on the go and live a fast paced life.
I always eat it in the morning and my morning cravings for sweets have diminished greatly!! I feel full and satisfied after I have it.

I had Reynauds disease (which runs in my family) but after having SBF my hands and feet are finally warm again!!! As a nurse, I always felt uncomfortable to shake others hands because they would comment on how cold my hands were. Something I thought I would have forever, really disappeared!!
I also have lost stubborn back fat/bra bulge from SBF without weights or any other exercise.
I no longer am constipated, which I had experienced periodically in the past.

Overall, I think my health has improved greatly just by incorporating this drink into my life.
Highly recommend it.

– Lauren H. in New Jersey

For a limited time, Dalgona Candy now on salePlay the Squid Game Challenge!

Play this game with family and friends and see who will win.

Dalgona is a traditional Korean candy treat that has become popular again due to the Netflix show, Squid Game.

The goal is to break the shape out of the candy without breaking the shape.

Can you survive the challenge?