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Self Balancing Food is the best plant-based meal replacement powder made from organic superfoods. It is quick and easy to use in powder form and packed with powerhouse nutrition. Make a shake in seconds or a smoothie in minutes. For less than a latte, you get a meal loaded with plant-based, organic foods that will satisfy your daily nutrition needs and revitalize your health.


Invest in Yourself and Transform Your Health.

What is your health worth to you?
Are you willing to invest in a stronger, healthier, more beautiful you?

If you answered with a resounding YES! Self Balancing Food’s plant-based meal replacement powder can help you reach your health and wellness goals — amazing skin, weight loss, more energy, fewer food cravings, better digestion, strong immune system, and a body that rises to the challenges of your busy life.



Why Self Balancing Food Plant-Based Meal Replacement Powder?

• Real Food! 100% Natural & Organic Ingredients
• Complete Nutrition
• Non-GMO & No Fake Fillers
• Quick and Convenient
• No Artificial Flavoring, Additives or Sweeteners
• Designed For Everyone, Yet Plant-Based To Fit Vegan & Vegetarian Diets
• Gives You Unmatched Nutrition So Your Body Gets The Nutrients It Needs To Thrive!

Nourish + Strengthen + Revitalize = Heal Your Body

Self Balancing Food’s plant-based meal replacement powder makes it easier to get healthy, lose weight, and feel amazing from the inside out. It’s convenient and simple to add to your diet. You get the daily nutrition you need with every scoop.

Black Turmeric Powder front
Rare, Medicinal Immune-Boosting Super Spice.
20 Organic Vegetables, Grains & Beans Boosted with Vitamin C, Panela & Sea Salt
20 Organic Superfoods to Fuel a Plant-Based Diet


We are passionate and dedicated to helping
people be healthier, happier, more beautiful
and thriving. That is our core mission. We
achieve that by creating the highest quality
products, sustainably farmed, 100% organic
and plant-based with nothing artificial to
make the world a lasting place while
bringing vitality and longevity to the lives of
our customers. We put the well-being of
people first. Always.





What Customers Say

I truly believe this food helps the body balance itself by providing all the vitamins and nutrition needed in a day - it is a true SUPERFOOD!

Dr. Jina K., MD

Since SBF, I have so much more energy, even though I am actually losing weight every week.

Brett B.

After eating the Self Balancing Food, my husband’s indigestion problems have completely disappeared. Our whole family has noticed that we don’t feel fatigued anymore and have so much more energy.

Jocelyn Y.

I now crave the good stuff, it got me off my 10-year Diet Coke addiction.

Erik S.

Everytime I start a diet, I always break down on the third day and have some chicken and beer for dinner. And I eat enough for two days. I question myself, ‘Is it okay to eat this much?’. Then the next day, I wake up feeling bloated and hungry. Then I go back to my weight before dieting. But after starting SBF, I was surprised to find that I don’t binge. Since then, my #1 diet plan is SBF.

Soomi Lee

A few months ago, I succeeded in losing 5kg. But I was in the hospital for a while right afterward. I had no energy, was lightheaded, and had no motivation. Eventually, I got prescribed some nutrition supplements and took a long time to recover. And I gained my weight back in the process. With SBF though, my body felt lighter. I had more energy and since I felt good, I often got confused whether I was on a diet or was taking supplements. This is definitely an effective diet. I love it.

Ruda Yi

When starting a diet, there are many details to consider. As I choose between foods to avoid and foods to eat, the costs accumulate. And to add the supplements, chicken breast, exercise machines… It turns out to be more than twice as costly than eating whatever I want. SBF however is a convenience food, so it’s okay just to eat this. I can diet, eat all three meals a day, and still spend less overall.

Min-Kyung Kim
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See how Self Balancing Food heals your body from the inside out.



Here’s how Self Balanced Food helps you boost
your own sixth sense, the body’s healing system

Promoting Digestion

Our products are packed with nutrition that your body can easily absorb. We lovingly soak our grains in apple cider vinegar and sprout them for a day in order to remove phytic acid and other enzyme inhibitors. This improves digestion and bioavailability.

Improving Circulation

Self Balancing Food is designed to improve circulation. Among numerous benefits, increased circulation is associated with significant reduction of pain and discomfort. Self Balancing Food can help your body feel better—safely and naturally.”

Assuring Quality

New Universe Food is annually inspected by FDAC, Health Department, USDA Organic, and local authorities to ensure that we comply with all required regulations, to produce safe and clean food. Self Balancing Food production goes above and beyond these requirements. Our production facility can be both a commercial kitchen and a factory. We do not rely on easy and large production method. Our process is designed for quality, not just quantity. It’s all about your health.

Restoring the Body’s Natural Balance

Self Balancing Food products (SBF G, SBF V, SBF C3) helps restore internal balance but with a different emphasis. The main difference between them lies in their ingredients. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), there are eight body types and each has its own nutritional needs. What is good for one type is not necessarily good for another. But taken in combination, SBFv and SBFg allows everyone to get the maximum benefit from this product, allowing each body type to regain its natural balance. SBF C3 is a mixture of both SBFv and SBFg, with 11 fruits added for additional health benefits, flavor and enjoyment.

Energizing Your Entire System

Self Balancing Food Vegetable (SBFv) and Self Balancing Food Grain (SBFg) are designed to work together. SBFg provides energy to the five major and six supporting organs. SBFv ensures that the five major and six supporting organs function properly. If your body was a car, SBFg would be the gas and SBFv the fluids. SBF C3 combines both SBFv and SBFg with fruits to serve as a complete meal – fruit is the desert.”

Maintaining the Highest Quality Standards

Everyone at SBF started out as, and continues to be, a customer. We established the company originally to produce SBF for ourselves and our families. Now we’re sharing it with you and your family. So you can rest assured that we will always maintain the quality of the product to benefit everyone who uses it.


Experience Optimum Health
with Self Balancing Food


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