My SBF Experience

After having three children I always struggled to lose excess body weight.
For years, in my lifestyle I incorporated gym classes, increased exercise along with the regular activities with the children.  My weight fluctuated and I would find it a battle to try and lose and keep them few kilos off.  I thought I was eating fairly healthy eating fruit and vegetables which I did a lot, but still I was craving and ‘giving in’ to sugary snacks and drinks and other less healthy foods.

Along with this I had irregular bowel movement and it caused havoc with my digestive health such as bloating and constipation.

Being a busy mother I found I was spending much time 1)deciding what foods to eat  2)shopping for food  3)then preparing and cooking the food.  Even then sometimes the vegetables I prepared were wasted.  Also fruit and vegetables here in Australia can be an expensive product.  So, even when I was trying to make sure that the whole family was getting the nutrition they need, sometimes this was not the case.

Since taking SBF, within weeks I have lost the 5 kilos with ease that I have for so many years struggled to lose.  I have also been able to maintain that weight.  My bowel movement is regular, less painful and the bloating much less.   By taking SBF twice a day my cravings for less healthy food or sugary cravings has reduced dramatically.   When I eat food or snacks, the portions and food types of what I eat is just what my body requires.

Now all our family members have incorporated SBF into our lives.  Our children have asked us if they can take it, so now they take their drink for breakfast.  Its super fast to prepare.  Now, we can prepare a safe, quick and nutritional food while knowing that all our inner health requirements are being met.

Without taking SBF I would feel lacking of nutritional health for the whole family.

Thank you for producing an amazing product that will help all of us.

by Hayley W.
Mandurah, Western Australia