Complete Nutrition for Your Best Health

Convenient meal replacement powder to boost your plant-based meal plan

Variety is the spice of life and it’s also the key to healthy eating. Your body needs a lot of different foods to get complete nutrition — vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and nutrients it requires to achieve exceptional health and vitality.

We want you to live a long, healthy life! That is why Self Balancing Food created Organic C3. It’s complete nutrition and the best meal replacement diet designed to heal your body and supercharge your health. We have carefully and intentionally selected 31 organic, 100% natural, whole fruits, vegetables, grains and beans (sprouted for maximum health benefit) to make SBF C3 a powerhouse of nutrition. This combination is based on ancient Eastern medicine and is designed to boost the body’s energy, activate your immune system, maximize your organ function, and expel illness from the body!

Self Balancing Food’s Organic C3 is a nutritious meal replacement powder that can be used in three easy steps — scoop, add beverage, and shake. Following the tenets of Traditional Eastern Medicine, SBF C3 was created with the goal of providing a balanced amount of all the essential nutrients sourced from nature to improve and maintain a balanced system. It is critical to health that your body’s 5 major and 6 supporting organs are balanced and functioning at peak performance. When your internal health is in order, you can have a strong, healthy, and beautiful body.

When you eat the right combination of essential foods, you receive the right balance of nutrition to maximize the function of your vital organs.

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