It’s Part of My Daily Diet!

My experience with Self Balancing Food started in 2014 and I can tell you now that Self Balancing Food is a part of my daily diet. When my body started to get the nutrients that it needs, the desire for unhealthy food faded and my overall health improved.

I have more energy, my mind is clearer and my weight is stable. I used to have several colds a year but my immune system has become stronger. When I visit my doctor I’m always complemented about my blood pressure.

I have a demanding job and sometimes I skipped meals, which gave me headaches. Now I prepare some Self Balancing Food and water in my shaker bottle and I feel satisfied. My life has become more simple and practical and I now make smart choices when I do my grocery shopping.

I love my Self Balancing Food.

– Gracia

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Dalgona is a traditional Korean candy treat that has become popular again due to the Netflix show, Squid Game.

The goal is to break the shape out of the candy without breaking the shape.

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