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Organic Ginger Powder

Peru has become a leading producer of high quality ginger worldwide, with 95% of its production being USDA certified organic. Fresh ginger from Peru, processed, dried and ground here in our facility in the U.S.A. - by hand and in small batches. We work...
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Persimmon Jam

Ripe Florida persimmons, rich in antioxidants and ready to be enjoyed throughout the year in this cheerful jam. Suggestions for Use: Persimmon jam is surprisingly versatile and just as comfortable in a PB&J as it is on a cheese board. Ingredients:...
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Sprouted Sesame Seeds

$5.00 - $13.00
Sprouting seeds and legumes (including sesame) breaks down the protective seed coat, making the nutrients within more available to the body and easier to absorb. Sprouted sesame seeds are a delicious source of fiber, healthy fats, antioxidants and...