Balance Your Body

Feed Your Body to Fuel Your Life

A Body in Balance is a Healthy Body with a Healthy Mind. Giving Greater Joy in Life.

Simply put, a body in balance means getting the daily nutrition it needs to heal itself. The human body is a wonderful system where everything in it is connected. If even one component of the system stops working properly, issues arise. Balance is essential and that’s what makes Self Balancing Food so special.  Self Balancing Food has been specifically created to provide the vital daily nutrition our body’s need for great health. Self Balancing Food delivers on its promise of providing the right blend of complete daily nutrition to help you achieve optimal health. More about what your body needs.

Our bodies are all about balance. While there are different body types, our organs need certain foundational nutrients to function and thrive. Here’s an analogy to highlight why balance is essential. Think about a car for a minute. A car needs gas and different types of fluids to run properly and take you from point A to point B. It’s the same with our bodies. They need proper nutrients to create the energy needed, but more importantly, to keep our organs functioning properly. When our system gets out of balance, it affects how we feel, physically and mentally, and ultimately impacts our ability to do all the things our lives call us to do.

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Have you thought to yourself or remarked to someone else, “I sure feel tired, I wish I had more energy, or when was the last time I felt really good?” Your body is saying HEY! I’m out of balance.

If you:
·      Have lack of energy, chronic pain, inflammation,
·      find yourself overeating,
·      experiencing illness,
·      notice your immune system doesn’t seem to be fighting as hard,
·      you’ve gained weight or are seeing negative changes in your skin,
·      you’re not sleeping well,
·      are experiencing high levels of stress,
·      or any issue on a long list of symptoms, it is highly likely your system is out of balance.

Incorporating Self Balancing Food into your daily meal plan can help you regain control of your health. As you get healthy again and your organ function improves, you will notice many of your symptoms will be reduced or eliminated altogether.