SBF, the Miracle Powder

“For the amazing results my husband, Mathias (55 years old), has had with this Self Balancing Food, I have to call it nothing but a miracle powder!!! What amazes me is, it is simply a food powder made of ingredients specifically chosen to balance our 5 major and 6 supporting organs. Nothing else. SBF has proven to me that it is really true that food is medicine.

His years of severe eczema, frequent outbreaks of allergies, dry flakey skin, asthma, even hemorrhoids all disappeared, and he lost 7 kg.
End of years of constant visits to the doctors, dermatologist, allergy tests, all kinds of medications, creams, bath solutions, and the frustrations of not knowing the real cause of all the symptoms. Finally.
It must have been the imbalance of the internal organs which SBF all fixes and his results say it all.
I am truly grateful that something like this SBF was developed and is available to us. I can not recommend highly enough to anyone and everyone.”

– Soonhee
Mandurah, Western Australia