This Stuff is Amazing!

“This stuff is amazing!” I’ve been drinking Self Balancing Food (SBF) on and off since 2017. I started with the vegetable powder, then tried the whole grain & bean powder, then I mixed them to get the best of both. In mid-2018, C3 came into my life, wow, what a great blend of organic fruits, vegetables and sprouted grains!

I suffer from IBS and lead a pretty hectic life. I don’t always have the time to prepare healthy meals, but SBF has changed that for me, and settled my stomach issues immensely. I start my day with a serving of C3 and a double espresso. Boom! I’m ready to go! When I first started this regime, I was amazed at how full C3 kept me and I how my body really started to feel different. I rely on C3 daily to keep me moving and provide my body with the daily nutrition it craves. I recently started substituting C3 in lieu of Whey Protein, post work outs, my body definitely feels the difference from chemicals to organic goodness.

– Shiraz N.
Avid Meditator and C3 Consumer
Jan 2021

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