SBF Sprouted Grain and Bean Powder

Nature’s Gift of Energy and Healing

Sprouted grains and beans provide unmatched nutritional benefits

Sprouted grains and beans are nature’s gift. They naturally and simply provide energy and healing power that our bodies need to be healthy. Self Balancing Food (SBF) Organic Grain and Bean Powder offers complete daily nutrition as a meal replacement when paired with SBF Organic Vegetable and can serve as a nutrient-rich meal enhancer.

Carefully selected ancient grains and beans are sprouted to create SBF Organic Grain and Bean Powder. It is versatile and able to be consumed as a shake or added to enrich your favorite meals. SBF Organic Grain and Bean Powder is made from 10 natural, whole, 100% organic, sprouted grains and beans sourced from nature. Sprouting supercharges the nutritional content. Each ingredient has been chosen for its unique character, nutritional and healing properties to provide unmatched health benefits to your body. Benefits of sprouting.

Following the tenets of Traditional Eastern Medicine, SBF Grain was created to improve and maintain balance for the body’s vital organs. When your internal health is balanced, you attain a strong, healthy, and beautiful body that functions at optimal performance. To achieve maximum health benefits, pair SBF Organic Grain Powder with SBF Organic Vegetable Powder. Together, they give your body the complete, complex nutrition it needs to thrive.

The Secret Behind Self Balancing Food’s Sprouted Grains

We select only the finest grains and beans, sprout them in small batches and mix them following an ancient Eastern medicine formula. When whole grains and beans are sprouted, they increase in enzymes and unlock a powerhouse of nutrients.

During the sprouting process, protein, amino acids, fatty acids, carbohydrates, minerals, fibers, and other nutrient content increases. The hull becomes softer, allowing the enzymes to activate in the body for improved metabolism while also allowing the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to be more easily absorbed by the body. This makes a nutrient-dense meal replacement that delivers amazing health benefits that most people in modern society are lacking based on their current daily nutrition intake.

When you eat the right combination of essential foods, you receive the right balance of nutrition to maximize the function of your vital organs. Learn what your body needs.

This translates to crucial health benefits – increased energy, healthy weight, improved skin, healthy blood pressure, strong immune system, gastrointestinal health, better vision, and strength against heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and aging.

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