Testimonial on Improved Digestion

I used to have indigestion when I’m under stress. However, with SBF, whether I’m under stress or not, it is just so easy on my stomach and gives me so much energy. It was a cycle of being under stress and then eating a lot, then my body struggling to digest and trying to cope with all the junk food that I’d put into my body.

I have SBF as my meal two or three times a day and it doesn’t mean I don’t eat anything else. I do and I can eat other things I want to eat but the amount I eat now has naturally reduced as there is no craving for them.

Also with my work, I get really busy and I would skip the meal and then eat a lot later. This didn’t help my concentration for work nor my body. Now, with SBF, I can just drink it which doesn’t take long and that solves everything. It saves my time and I still get all the goodness. I do not lack energy at all and simply feeling so comfortable with my body, I cannot help but become a happier person. People around me have noticed the changes and commented on how healthier I looked and how radiant my skin looked. Myself noticing the changes in me is already good enough but people noticing the changes as well, that is even a bonus! Thank you!

by J.M. Jung