Persimmon Jam 8OZ


SKU: Persimmon Jam 8oz

This is a rich and sweet golden jam made with ripe hachiya persimmons. We wait to pick the hachiya persimmons after we have had a good hard frost, which brings out the true flavor and sweetness of this wonderful fruit!

Persimmon is chock-full of nutrients—like thiamin, riboflavin, folate, magnesium, and phosphorous—and is low in calories (about 118 per persimmon), making it high in fiber content, and possible anti-inflammatory abilities. This beautiful fruit is a good source of manganese which helps to prevent blood clots. 

One persimmon contains about 55 percent of the recommended intake of vitamin A, which boosts the functions of your conjunctival membranes and corneas and supports overall eye health.

How to enjoy Persimmon Jam: Spread it on bread or crackers, delicious as a cheese topper.



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