Organic Ginger Powder 1.7 OZ


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Not only for its unique pungent & sweet flavor but for its numerous health benefits,
ginger powder is one of the most widely used spices of all.
It is used for all different kinds of recipes from soup to the baking. 

Key benefits 

  1. Warm & energize the body
  2. Alleviates upset stomach, nausea & vomiting
  3. Helps weight loss by improving digestion
  4. Cures sore throat, cold and cough 

Add our Organic Ginger Powder to your tea or smoothie to boost immunity.
Our lead-free ginger is US-grown, certified 100% organic, and non-GMO.
We hand plant, hand harvest, and grow exclusively in the cleanest soil.
Sustainable farming is what we stand for.

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