Immuni-Tea (Immune Boost Drink Mix)



How do you strengthen your immune system in this virus era? Your immune system is what protects you from viruses and keeps you healthy.

<Immuni-Tea> is a delicious blend of organic orange juice containing 100% American-grown pure turmeric and the finest quality ginger. This potent mix :

-removes inflammation and ailments from the body

-supports digestion

-boosts energy- therefore, strengthening and balancing your immune system.

Just by enjoying this quick, easy and flavorful drink mix everyday, your immune system will be perfectly boosted.

Ginger and turmeric protect the body against illnesses and infections by reducing inflammation, especially in the bones and joints. They also aid in pain relief, decrease nausea, enhance immune function and boost energy.

There are no fillers, additives, colors, flavors, chemicals, or agents added- just pure, natural food. This product is Non-GMO, sustainably farmed.


Ingredients :

Organic orange juice powder (organic rice maltodextrin, organic orange juice concentrate), organic panela, organic sugar, organic ginger powder, organic turmeric powder.


How to drink :

01. Add 15g (1 Tbsp) powder to a half cup of hot/cold water.

02. Mix and Enjoy! Use to create a variety of beverages and cocktails.

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