Ginger Turmeric Honey 16oz


<Ginger Turmeric Honey>. Combined with natural organic ginger and turmeric, this honey blend is specialized in balancing immunity and reducing inflammation.

A well-functioning immune system will protect your body against illness and infection. Try this honey blend anywhere you use honey and get all the benefits of ginger, turmeric and honey at once. Our farm-fresh honey tastes best for making tea or having in your yogurt/oatmeal. 

Ginger and turmeric are two of the most extensively studied ingredients in herbal medicine.

Both has BENEFITS including

  • Reducing articular inflammation
  • Treating a variety of aliments
  • Supporting digestion
  • Balanced immune system
  • Energy boosting

The representative BENEFITS of honey are

  • Antioxidants
  • Anti-inflammatory & cancer-fighting properties
  • Stomach relief & digestive support
  • Anti-aging & Improved skin condition
  • Decreased blood sugar level
  • Increased blood circulation


There is no fillers, additives, colors, flavors, chemicals, or agents added- just pure, natural food. This product is Non-GMO, sustainably farmed.



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