Conquer Overeating and Emotional Eating to Build a Healthier Life

Overeating and emotional eating are big trouble, wreaking havoc on your vital organs and systems. Learn what your body needs. How to stop overeating and emotional eating? First, let’s talk about why. What causes us to overeat is not a one size fits all answer. So don’t be hard on yourself. People overeat for a variety of reasons. Ever hear of emotional eating or stress eating? Stress, emotions, poor diet, cravings, and a body deprived of the right nutrients are just some of the drivers to overeating. Our brain serves as the central command center for sending messages throughout our body. It regulates and controls everything from our breathing and sleep to our stress reaction and feelings of hunger. Based on a variety of factors, our brain sends signals that affect WHAT and HOW MUCH we eat.

What is a food craving? The simple answer. It’s our body’s desire to eat specific foods. What causes cravings is broader. Certain foods that are high in fat, sugar, or carbohydrates for example cause reactions in our brain. Messengers in the form of neurotransmitters, like serotonin and hormones such as endorphins, are affected by the foods we eat. Eating sugar or glucose can trigger our brain to want more causing us to overeat or feed our emotions with food. It’s NOT that our body NEEDS these foods, it’s the intense feeling that we absolutely must have it.

While it can be hard, maybe even feel near impossible to build new, healthier habits, it is POSSIBLE, and ESSENTIAL that you try for your long-term health. Adding Self Balancing Food into your diet will transform your health, reduce your food cravings, and help you take control of your overeating impulses. Learn why your body needs balance.

Keep in mind, it’s not just your physical health at stake. A healthy body is linked to a healthy mind. Most people have diets that are nutritionally bankrupt of the nutrients they need to thrive and enjoy their life. Especially for those who eat lots of processed or low nutrition foods, those foods stop the body from functioning properly and affect your hormones.


Overeating actually reduces the body’s ability to absorb nutrients.  Chronic overeating causes deterioration of the digestive system as well as failure of the overall body. This also results in toxic build up in one’s body, resulting in weight gain and high blood pressure, narrowing of blood vessels, diabetes and cancer.

Every disease has a cause and can be attributed to one’s health habits or lack of good habits. One of the biggest and the most common cause is the deterioration of your digestive system, due to overeating and consuming poor-quality foods with little to no nutritional value.

Overeating leads to an overload on your body system, causing stress on your stomach, intestines and all your major organs. Our body contains a limited amount of blood and energy; by overeating all the major organs demand more energy to process and therefore less resources go towards your brain, limbs and systems. 7 more ways overeating affects your body.

You’ve likely heard people say, “Everything in moderation!”  Our Self Balancing Food motto is, “A healthy body is a body in BALANCE!” Eating Self Balancing Food eliminates overeating and restores your digestive system back to health.