Glowing Healthy Skin

I started taking Self Balancing Food C3 after hearing about the health benefits and knew I wasn’t ingesting enough fruits and vegetables daily.

For over 10 years, I battled breakouts on my shoulders and back that would leave awful scarring and irritation. I had tried many different things to clear it up and naturally started eating very healthy when I was in my 20s but still, it did not go away.

After about 4 weeks of drinking C3 regularly, I noticed my shoulders and back starting to heal, and the breakouts had stopped! I couldn’t believe the difference in my skin. I felt so happy that I could wear tops that showed my healthy glowing skin!

It definitely took some time to get used to the flavor but soon found myself enjoying it mixed with almond milk and honey or in a peanut butter-banana protein shake!

– Monica Quigley