Convenient and Beneficial Health

Life is simpler and healthier!

After eating Self Balancing Food, my digestion improved so much and my bowel movement became amazing.

I simply and easily mix SBF in water or juice. It takes only 3-5 minutes of my day, and my body has more energy and power when I eat SBF.

SBF powder isn’t complicated and messy to pack and store. At work, or even on business trips, no matter where I am, I can just wash my hands and drink SBF so easily and conveniently. Plus it takes me only 3-5 minutes and I get all the nutrients I need.

Before, no matter how delicious the food that I ate was, my body would feel heavy and I would not be able digest well, but after taking SBF, my stomach digests well, and my body always feels light and full of energy.

I would often crave meat and junk food before SBF, but after taking SBF my cravings have disappeared. This is because my body is receiving the nutrients it really needs.

Since my 5 major and 6 minor organs are receiving all the nutrients they need, SBF actually works as a prevention from geriatric illnesses.

SBF is 100% organic, non-GMO, and 100% sprouted (grain powder), so I can eat this having full confidence in the product.

– Minjae Kim